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Selecting the location of any building is a vital step to take. This should be done before settling on the design of the house. The reason behind this step is that the site you choose for the construction will affect a lot of aspects concerning the construction project. The success of your building will depend on the choice of the site. For these reasons, you have to consider a few factors to come up with the best building site. Below are some important factors to consider for an appropriate building site.


The type of soil is the core factor of holding the foundation of the house. Therefore, you ought to know the type of soil and its ability to hold the foundation of your house. It is commonly known that moist and loose soils will not be the best to hold house foundations. Compact soils are the best for building a house. Clay and rocky soils will need specialized attention to preparing them for construction before it is commenced.


The topography of a site refers to the various rises and the falls of every part of the land you intend to construct the house on. The various topographies will be used to serve various purposes, for instance, the drainage, garden, and pool amongst other factors. The topography of the site will determine the flow of water, and you would not like your house to be caught in the middle of midstream flowing water. Topography factor will help you to get the most suitable position to construct the house.


The environment is another factor for our architects in South Africa to consider when searching for the most suitable site for the construction of your house. The factor to consider with the environment of the house is whether it should be retained or it should be changed. The change should always have a positive effect on the site.This means that areas that heavily forested should be considered, to remove some trees to create some space for the construction of the house. Also, other environmental factors to consider include hills or mountains that will block the sunlight from getting to your house. These are some of the changes that the site should undergo to make it best for construction.


For the massive construction of buildings, you will need to consider the accessibility of heavy trucks that bring in and out various materials and debris. Such areas should allow accessibility of various types of vehicles and materials.

With the help of our hardworking South Africa architects, you will settle for the best site for construction. This will be most suitable for construction of a permanent house and will get the best for the construction project.

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